Many people drive company cars on a daily basis as either a part of the job or an employee of the company. A lot of the time company automobiles have an auto insurance. If you get injured in an accident with a company car and your company carries a workers’ compensation insurance, you may be entitled to receive this car accident compensation. Considering how workers’ compensation is usually a “no-fault” proposal, proving fault is not required by the employee to reap the benefits. All they need to do is to get injured while on the job. However, there are a lot of petitions involved throughout the process of a workers’ compensation claim. For this reason, it is essential to have a personal injury attorney by your side to help you with the claim. Contact the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A. today to get started on the path to receiving the compensation you rightly deserve.

Workers’ Compensation and Car Accident Compensation


If you get injured in a car accident which occurred while driving a company car during work hours, no matter how far you are from the location of your company, you are considered to be injured while on the job. This means you are entitled to workers’ compensation which can help you pay for your medical expenses as well as supplement your income if you are not able to work due to the injuries.

However, workers’ compensation only reimburses the victim for lost wages and medical bills and does not cover damages like permanent disability or pain and suffering. If you want to obtain compensation for those injuries and damages, you can get a claim filed against the party responsible for the accident.

While these claims can coexist, if you are able to obtain compensation from the culpable party, the workers’ compensation insurer may try to get their payment back.  


How can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?


Workers’ compensation claims can get very complicated, especially if you do not have the appropriate legal knowledge for it. It may cost you the compensation that you rightfully deserve for the injuries resulting from the accident. The process of claiming workers’ compensation involves a lot of petitions that can affect your claim and maybe even completely devoid you of the benefits if you are not aware of the rules and time restraints for each. For this reason, it is essential to consult a personal injury attorney if you are seeking a car accident compensation.


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If you are seeking a car accident compensation, it is essential to refer to a personal injury attorney who can help you understand the workers’ compensation system so you are aware of what you are supposed to do if certain situations arise. The Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski can provide you with strong legal representation and help you throughout the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim, contact us now.

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