Looking for a immigration lawyer Orlando FL? Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski can help your case of family immigration to bring your family together again. We will assist you in building a case, going over your rights and finding your best solution for an outcome.

Family immigration through a naturalized citizen

If you are 21 years of age or older you may bring your sibling over from another country into the U.S. You have to file all the proper paperwork and establish your relationship between you and your sibling before they will be allowed to come over. Your sibling falls under the fourth preference, that allows them to file paperwork for a visa into the U.S. and for you to be responsible for them. Your siblings visa will be sent to The National Visa Center for appropriate review by the U.S. This process takes time. It is important that you have all the help you can get so that everything is handled properly. Making sure you have all your paperwork filled out, your documents in order and proper forms of I.D. is also important. This may be about bringing someone else into the U.S. ,however, it is just as crucial that they can see you are following all the rules you should be. Family is so important and everyone deserves to be together. The solution is asking for help in the time of need. Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski is here to help and get you the answers you need to get your family into the states.

Get an immigration lawyer Orlando, FL the locals trust!

It is in your best interests to hire an Immigration lawyer Orlando, FL to be sure all the details of your case are taken care of and you get all your questions answered up front so nothing goes unknown. Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski has a staff that our locals trust and our goal is to get your case rolling quickly and effectively to avoid any delays that may come up along the way. We want your case to run smoothly and for you and your sibling to have the best outcome you possibly can. It is important to us that all our family immigrant cases are treated with care and get the attention they deserve. A lot of things can come up in cases such as these, and Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski is here to keep that from happening. If we can handle everything ahead of time and make sure everyone is prepared, then bringing your sibling in from another country should be a smooth process. Trust us to handle your case in a timely fashion and get you the solution you want to see.

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