An insurance lawyer with experience can tell you that insurance negotiations are rarely easy. That is why we at the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A. are the Orlando personal injury lawyer you can trust, because we work to take care of these negotiations for you so that you do not have to worry about the tricky parts of the process. Contact us to learn more about our services or visit our website to see how insurance claims work.


How Does the Process Go?


  •       Filing a Claim: The first step in getting compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance is to file a claim with them immediately. Typically, you want to make sure that you do this within the first day after the accident or you could risk not getting your claim filed.


  •       Receiving a Reservation of Rights Letter: After you have sent in your form filing a claim with the insurance company, you then receive a return letter saying that they will investigate your case but that they are not admitting guilt by doing so. This is essentially an acknowledgment of your filing and an initiation into the process.


  •       Sending a Demand Letter: After you have recovered from your accident well enough, you may then send your demand letter. This will state how much compensation you think is fair for what you have suffered. This will typically include both your total medical expenses as well as any lost wages and other expenses you may have needed to pay for repair. You then take this sum and multiply it by a number—according to how much damage your accident incurred—between two and five and that will be the total amount that you demand from the insurance company. The extra money that does go toward your medical bills and lost wages are for your “pain and suffering” and these are typically the funds that the insurance will try to negotiate down.


  •       Getting a Response: You will then receive a response from the insurance company where they will offer you a sum. This sum will either be fair to you or it will be far too small to cover your expenses. Usually, it is the latter and you must move forward to the next step.


  •       Making a Counteroffer: In this step, you must make a slightly lower offer than your initial offer to show that you are willing to compromise but not so low that it seems accommodating.


  •       Settling: Once they have given you a sum that is fair, you accept and receive your settlement. 

Do You Need an Insurance Lawyer?


You do not have to go through this process alone. With the help of an insurance lawyer, you can sort through the case and not have to directly take part in the negotiations.


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As an Orlando personal injury lawyer, the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A. understands that it is difficult to deal with insurance negotiations. Do not go through the process alone and trust the Orlando personal injury lawyer with experience. Contact us today.

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