To get the personal injury settlements that you have been hoping for, you will need to know what type of personal injury settlements are available. The Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A. in Orlando is a personal injury attorney that values providing its clients knowledge about the claims available to them. To learn more about our services and to see how we can help you, contact us at the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A. today to schedule a consultation.


Special Compensation


Special compensation refers to any repayment that you may request as a result of an injury. That is, if you incurred an injury and you had to miss work then you could request both the past wages that you had to miss as a result of your injury as well as any future wages that you may miss because you are still recovering. This category also encompasses any medical bills that you may have had in the process of having your injury treated. That also includes any future medical bills—for instance, if you have continuing therapy or physical therapy—and additional expenses like household expenses that you are unable to meet.

General Compensation


These are referred to as “general,” because it is expected that all those who suffer from a personal injury will have some kind of general damages. Pain and suffering is one of the most common compensations, but there are many others including mental anguish and loss of companionship in particular circumstances.

Wrongful Death Compensation


These damages only occur if you have lost a family member or loved one as a result of an accident or injury. In these cases, you can claim the costs of a funeral, any medical bills that the loved one may have incurred before their death, and emotional distress of the remaining family. You can also claim any wages that they would have earned that would have helped support your life. This also partially ties back to the loss of companionship as that type of damage can qualify as both wrongful death and general.

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If you are interested in filing a personal injury claim for yourself or for a loved one, the Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A., a personal injury attorney in Orlando, can help you. We have experienced in getting personal injury settlements that help those who have suffered from an injury recover and return their life back to normal. To learn more about personal injury claims and to schedule an appointment, contact us at Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A.

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