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The Work Visa USA Governments Issue


There are many different types of works visas. They can vary, as some are reserved for certain types of jobs, the length of stay in which one plans to stay in the U.S., and also due to other reasons. The U.S has over sixty types of non-immigrant visas alone. Deciding what type of work visa USA to apply for can be difficult, which is why it is highly recommended to hire an immigration lawyer Orlando, FL locals trust to help you with your case. There is a limit on how many applicants can be accepted within a certain time frame. When you have legal party on your side, it can make your chances for getting a visa greater, or else you may have to wait quite some time before applying again.


Available types of visas:


  • Immigrant: Permanent, if you wish to stay in the U.S. for good.
  • Non-immigrant: Temporary, on a seasonal, annual, or three year basis.
  • All family and employment based (EB) visas are immigrant visas, while most business visas and non-employment (non-EB) visas are considered non-immigrant.


Every type of visa is assigned a letter and number, which is then put into a class. This is how the state keeps track of everyone coming in and out of the state.


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Law Office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A. can help you build a case and assist you in retrieving the work visa USA attorneys recommend you obtain that will help your case. We can interpret the law so that you understand what you are dealing with and the paperwork you are signing. It is important to us that you have the best chance at success here in the U.S. The guidelines for applying for visas are very strict, and having an immigration lawyer Orlando locals trust on your side will make things run smoothly until the end. We can move things along and make sure all your paperwork goes through on time. We ensure that we avoid delays at all costs because you can get set back by weeks if you miss even one thing during the process. The stages of applying for a work visa USA are very set in stone, which is why a lawyer can handle these issues if they arise and make sure your case gets taken care of the way it should. Come to us as soon as you apply and let us guide you through the entire process so you are guaranteed the visa you have been waiting for.  


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